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Sajeevam Anti-Drug Campaign at Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, Karamana


The Sajeevam Anti-Drug Campaign was organized by the Malankara Social Service Society (MSSS) at the Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School in Karamana on 20th February 2024 was a significant initiative aimed at spreading awareness about the detrimental effects of drug abuse among the youth. The event witnessed active participation from approximately 40 students.

Educational Session: The campaign began with an interactive educational session wherein the students were enlightened about the various aspects of drug abuse, including its consequences on physical health, mental well-being, and social life. The session emphasized the importance of making informed choices and staying away from illicit substances.

  1. Awareness Presentations: Engaging presentations were delivered to illustrate the dangers associated with drug addiction. Visual aids such as slideshows and videos were utilized to depict real-life scenarios and testimonials, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter among the attendees.

  2. Open Discussions: Following the presentations, an open forum was facilitated to encourage students to voice their thoughts, concerns, and queries related to drug abuse. This interactive exchange provided an opportunity for participants to express their perspectives and seek clarifications on any misconceptions surrounding the issue.

The Sajeevam Anti-Drug Campaign succeeded in raising awareness and sensitizing the young audience about the adverse effects of drug misuse. By actively engaging with the students through informative sessions and discussions, the event fostered a sense of responsibility toward leading a drug-free lifestyle. The distribution of educational materials further empowered the participants to actively combat the menace of substance abuse in their surroundings.

The Sajeevam Anti-Drug Campaign conducted at the Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School in Karamana served as a crucial platform for instilling values of healthy living and responsible decision-making among the youth. Through collaborative efforts and community support, initiatives like these play a pivotal role in steering individuals away from the destructive path of drug addiction, thereby contributing towards the creation of a healthier and safer society.

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