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Sajeevam Anti-drug campaign at Govt. Model School Tycaud


On 26-02-2024, Malankara Social Service Society (MSSS) organized an awareness class as part of the Sajeevam Anti-Drug Campaign at Govt. Model School Tycaud. The session was facilitated by Mr. Biju Simon, who engaged actively with the students to deliver crucial information about the perils of drug abuse and the importance of staying away from illicit substances. Mr. Biju Simon commenced the session with an introduction to the Sajeevam Anti-Drug Campaign and its significance in combating substance abuse in our society. An icebreaker activity was conducted to establish rapport and encourage participation among the students. To deepen comprehension, role-playing exercises, and scenario-based discussions were conducted to simulate real-life situations involving peer pressure and decision-making. This enabled students to explore effective strategies for resisting temptations and making healthy choices. The awareness class witnessed active participation from nearly 40 students, demonstrating a keen interest in understanding the issues surrounding drug abuse and its prevention. Through interactive sessions and informative discussions led by Mr. Biju Simon, participants gained valuable insights into the risks associated with substance abuse and were equipped with knowledge and skills to make informed decisions. The awareness class was conducted as part of the Sajeevam Anti-Drug Campaign at Govt. Model School Tycaud proved to be a meaningful and impactful initiative in educating youth about the dangers of drug abuse. MSSS remains committed to continuing such efforts to create a drug-free and healthy community.

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