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Sajeevam Task Force Training at Mar Theophilus Training College in Nalanchira

On April 18, 2024, the Malankara Social Service Society organized a comprehensive training session for the Sajeevam Task Force at Mar Theophilus Training College in Nalanchira. The training aimed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively contribute to the Sajeevam initiative. The session commenced with Mr. Abeesh Antony, the esteemed State Coordinator of Caritas India, providing a contextual overview of the Sajeevam Task Force's mission and objectives. His insightful remarks set the tone for the training, emphasizing the significance of collective action in addressing societal challenges.

Following the context setting, Mr. Sajo, the dedicated Sajeevam State Coordinator, took charge of the training session. With his expertise and passion for the cause, Mr. Sajo guided the participants through various modules, covering essential topics related to the Sajeevam initiative.

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