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Sajeevam Anti-Drug Campaign at Govt. Tamil Higher Secondary School, Chalai


On the 16th of February 2024, Malankara Social Service Society, as part of the Sajeevam Anti-drug campaign, organized an awareness class at Govt. Tamil Higher Secondary School, Chalai. The session aimed to educate students about the detrimental effects of drug abuse and promote a drug-free lifestyle among youth. Mr. Biju Simon, the esteemed Founder of Ether India, conducted the class. With his expertise and passion for social welfare, he delivered an engaging and informative session. He elucidated the various dangers associated with drug addiction, emphasizing the physical, mental, and social consequences it entails. The class was well-attended, with nearly 50 students actively participating in the session. Through interactive discussions and illustrative examples, Mr. Simon effectively conveyed the message of staying away from drugs and making informed choices for a healthier life. Overall, the awareness class proved to be a significant step in the ongoing anti-drug campaign. It not only provided valuable insights to the students but also empowered them to take a stand against drug abuse in their communities. Malankara Social Service Society remains committed to organizing such impactful initiatives in the future to create a drug-free society.

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