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Sajeevam Anti- drug campaign at Mar Theophilus College.


On the 13th of February 2024, the Malankara Social Service Society (MSSS) organized an awareness class as part of the Sajeevam Anti-Drug Campaign at Mar Theophilus College in Nalanchira. The session was conducted by Mr. Biju Simon, the esteemed Founder of Eather India. Approximately 80 students actively participated in the session, demonstrating a keen interest in understanding the critical issues surrounding drug abuse. The session witnessed enthusiastic participation from nearly 80 students, indicating a significant level of interest and concern regarding the subject matter. Mr. Biju Simon led the class through insightful discussions, shedding light on the dangers associated with drug abuse. His expertise and experience contributed to creating a profound impact on the audience, fostering a deeper understanding of the issue. The session effectively underscored the importance of initiatives like the Sajeevam Project in combating drug abuse. Students gained a newfound appreciation for the project's objectives and the role it plays in addressing this societal challenge. The awareness class succeeded in generating new perspectives among the attendees regarding the implications of drug abuse on individuals and society as a whole. It prompted them to reflect on their own roles in promoting a drug-free environment.

The Sajeevam Anti-Drug Campaign Awareness Class conducted at Mar Theophilus College, Nalanchira, proved to be a valuable educational initiative. Under the guidance of Mr. Biju Simon, students were able to grasp the severity of drug abuse and recognize the significance of proactive measures such as the Sajeevam Project. The event concluded with a sense of heightened awareness and a renewed commitment to combatting drug abuse within the community.

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