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Sajeevam Anti-Drug campaign at St. Johns School, Nalanchira

1st Session

2nd Session

3rd Session

Malankara Social Service Society organized three awareness classes at St. Johns School, Nalanchira.
The objective of the Sajeevam Anti-drug Campaign at St. Johns School, Nalanchira was to raise awareness about the dangers of drug abuse among students and promote a drug-free lifestyle. Mr. Biju Simon has taken the entire session, focusing on educating students about the harmful effects of drug abuse and the importance of making healthy choices. He utilized effective teaching methods and interactive activities to engage the students throughout the session. A total of 120 students actively participated in the session, demonstrating their interest and willingness to learn about the topic. The session was highly effective, leading to a positive change in the students' attitudes towards drug abuse. They gained valuable insights and were empowered to make informed decisions regarding their health and well-being. The Sajeevam Anti-drug Campaign at St. Johns School, Nalanchira was a successful initiative organized by the Malankara Social Service Society (MSSS). The session effectively educated students about the risks associated with drug abuse and inspired them to embrace a drug-free lifestyle. Such initiatives are essential in creating awareness and promoting healthier communities. The program was effectively organised by Mr. Sijo Thinavila, Coordinator Sajeevam Project. To build upon the success of this campaign, MSSS intends to organize similar awareness sessions in other schools and communities, thereby reaching a wider audience and further contributing to the fight against drug abuse.

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