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SAFP - Annual Review Meeting


Save A Family Plan (India) conducted its Annual Review Meeting from February 6th to 8th at its Ernakulam office. The meeting aimed to evaluate the progress of ongoing projects and suggest improvements for the betterment of the organization's initiatives. The meeting involved a comprehensive evaluation of the project undertaken by Save A Family Plan (India). This evaluation likely included assessing the effectiveness, impact, and challenges faced by each project coordinator. Mrs. Aryamol S, the Coordinator of MSSS Save A Family Plan (India), actively participated in the meeting. The active engagement of participants and the focus on suggesting improvements demonstrate Save A Family Plan (India)'s commitment to enhancing its projects' effectiveness and maximizing positive impact on the communities it serves.

The Annual Review Meeting conducted by Save A Family Plan (India) provided an opportunity for stakeholders to assess the progress of ongoing projects, exchange valuable insights, and chart a course for future improvements. Mrs. Aryamol's participation signifies collaborative efforts toward achieving the organization's goals, and the suggestions generated during the meeting are likely to contribute to the continued success of Save A Family Plan (India) initiatives.

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