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Sajeevam Anti-Drug Campaign at Emmanuvel College, Vazhichal.

 The Sajeevam Anti-Drug Campaign, organized by the Malankara Social Service Society (MSSS), took place on the 7th of March 2024 at Emmanuel College, Vazhichal. The session was led by Mr. Biju Simon and witnessed active participation from approximately 100 students. The event commenced promptly at the designated time and was held on the premises of Emmanuel College. Mr. Biju Simon, an experienced speaker in the field, spearheaded the session. He brought his expertise and passion to address the critical issue of drug abuse among youth. The session covered various aspects related to drug abuse, including its impact on health, society, and personal relationships. Mr. Simon used interactive methods to engage the audience, ensuring that the students not only understood the gravity of the issue but also felt motivated to take action against it. Despite the sensitive nature of the topic, the students actively participated in discussions, sharing their experiences, concerns, and insights. This exchange of ideas fostered a supportive environment, encouraging open dialogue and mutual support among the attendees. Throughout the session, Mr. Simon emphasized the importance of making informed choices and seeking help when needed. He provided valuable resources and contact information for individuals struggling with drug addiction or seeking assistance for themselves or their peers.

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